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Mona Selanders

“What do you do?”

Coming from her boss, the question seemed a bit odd to Mona Selanders, then a university student working to put herself through school.

“I’m a waitress,” she said.

“You are much more than that,” he replied. You are the salesperson for my business. You make it a success by bringing people back.”

They are words Mona has held to her entire career, serving her well as General Manager of the Coronet Hotel in Prince Albert.

“You aren’t the label,” explains Mona. “You are the person who brings people to the business.”

That is why she describes what she does as “building relationships.”

“As a business, we happen to offer rooms for rent, a restaurant, bar, conference facilities and catering. But what we really do is build relationships with people who then want to utilize our services.”

The Coronet, (which was also the Travelodge for a time), was built in 1964 by John Remai who still owns it. Mona has managed it for 22 years.

“The success of this business is our staff,” says Mona, listing off the names of several longstanding employees. “They are the reason people keep coming back.”

Originally from Swift Current, Mona is an integral part of the community. She has a lot of appreciation for what life in Prince Albert offers, but her favorite memory is from the Rawlinson Centre.

“It was seeing my child on stage in that gorgeous theatre!” she says with pride.

A long standing member of the Chamber, Mona reiterates the importance of relationships.

“The Chamber allows me to stay connected with fellow businesspeople. As well, I am able to utilize the Chamber’s resources. Things that would take me all day to look up, the Chamber has those resources at their fingertips.”

Thank you Mona, for your commitment to our community, and creating a culture of business excellence in our city.

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